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Gosh - direct and revealing!! You really zoned in on what is going on deep down - things I certainly hadn't hinted at in my question! Thank you - you're amazing and I'll certainly return!!!! xx


The Sacred Secret

Im a sceptic of  Catholicism, being raised a Roman Catholic. Howard I find this very intriguing and interesting! In evolve step moons sign and your Sun sign. Sign up for my Newsletters to know what where the moon is in by week. The Sacred Secret [w/ Video] “The ancient sacred knowledge has to do with astrology […]


Find Answers While you Sleep DREAMS 101 Since I was a little girl I was fascinated with the dream world. In my mid 20s I discovered that not everybody remembered five dreams tonight. Because of this discovery I begin to study journal and learn as much about dreams and what they meant as I possibly […]


Astrology has been very successful as a resource to personal health and stressors. Whether they are emotional, mental or physical. What is wonderful about this is that astrology can also help you discover how to alleviate pain and limitations caused by health issues. When you sign up for this course you will give the instructor […]



As a transformative coach Holly is renown for her ability as a Psychic and Master Astrologer. She is also educated in psychology and philosophy and is a highly acclaimed relationship coach. As a radio show host, guest speaker, newspaper and magazine columnist, Holly has vast clientele from all over the world. Many of her clients benefit from monthly coaching sessions. Depending on a clients unique needs, Holly will use astrology, NLP, and/or clairvoyance to help you. She may even use your night dreams to tap into your "spirit destiny".

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    I was stunned by your reading for me. You connected so well and all that you said made so much sense and shed so much light into the situation. You helped me so much to understand. I hoped to continue, please let me know when I can book again . Thank you so much
    Ellie V

    Ellie V

    Holly was right to the point with a lot of insight and good advice to give. I feel I got a lot of clarification in the issues I had, and will now be able to choose the best way of moving forward. She was so right about everything she said, I am grateful actually for this reading.
    Margaret N

    Margaret N

    I had a lovely and super accurate and bubbly reading from Holly. She was very intuitive picked up on the situation very well and was very honest in the reading she gave. She was encouraging and offered lovely pointers which sounds exactly the sort of things to make my soul sore. Thank you Holly!
    Kaylee F

    Kaylee F