Gosh, direct and revealing!! You really zoned in on what is going on deep down - things I certainly hadn\'t hinted at in my question! Thank you - you\'re amazing and I\'ll certainly return!!!! xx

About Me

14446155_10153669369096534_7807286132994924217_nI have almost twenty years experience as a professional Astrologer, Dream Expert, Teacher, Columnist,Radio Show host, Coach and Consultant . With my psychology and philosophy back ground, not to mention my fascination for human nature, my mission is to assist in healing, self discovery and growth that ensures your chance of success and peace.  Privacy is paramount, but I have many famous people has come to me for advice and readings. My motto is “You can live a life consistent with YOUR inner core values and desires, rather than a life imposed from the outside.” Simply put,  this is not about fate or destiny, this is about writing, re writing and taking control of your life. Yet often we are misguided, by others, experiences, events, emotions,  health issues, and our own self can get in the way. We forget how much strength, talents, gifts, and power we have when we are, understandably focus on the here and now, the issue at hand. That where I have helped 1000’s, to refocus. Showing them the very reason why they are going through what they are. What is the hurt come(s). The duration. And the endless opportunities that are at their disposal. This includes important people ,information and dates. Changing lives…

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