Your moon sign represents many aspects, including a glimpse into a past life (so does you 12 house BTW)

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Moon in Aries

A job that represented the  warrior spirit, the hero, and the soldier feature strongly in the past—and not always as a male. Your last life was a battle, you survived and depending on other aspects in your chart will indicate how well your survived and let over wounds.

Moon in Taurus

Down to the earth, material world and practical. Security, money and food your main interest. Blacksmith, banker, handyman, farmer, and gardener are possible jobs you had. Your need for the material world be it wealth or nature based de[ends on the struggles you had in the past life seen by the aspects of your chart,

Moon in Gemini

The soul with this Moon has been the communicator,  the informant, the teacher and the salesperson. A rise in society may have been swift but will rarely have been totally honest. Pulling strings and manipulated. This may have been to survive. If well aspected shows a well versed person with a gift of gab.

Moon in Cancer

This moon sign had many incarnations as mother, caretaker or wise woman. It is the midwife to the tribe, the homemaker, and the purveyor of comfort and sustenance. As male, it is the cook, shaman and compassionate leader.

Moon in Leo

King or queen, ruler, despot, autocrat, dictator, bigot, benefactor. Either way popular in your community. All are possible. A natural actor, Leo is never more happy than when on a stage or a throne. Given neither, this soul will have created one, no matter how humble the circumstances.

Moon in Virgo

This soul has a history of service: the good and faithful servant, the able administrator and steward, the cleaner and organizer. Also the craftsperson. The field-hand, the mill-owner, the haymaker—or the naturopath.

Moon in Libra

Past life associations with Libra are diplomacy and negotiation, minister, or interior decorating. Love of luxury can lead to the courtesan, the charmer. For most souls the dominant role will almost certainly have been “half of.” Relationships play a great part in this soul’s history. You will reconnect with may you have been with before.

Moon in Scorpio

Alchemy, medicine, and healing; with midwifery, murder, and policing, and with the occult in all its manifestations. This is the soul who has accompanied the dead on the journey to the other world, the healer, the medium who walked between two worlds, the priestess of the mysteries. It has endured power struggles without number. It is anyone who was persecuted, abandoned, or rejected.

Moon in Sagittarius

The soul with this role has been an explorer, a quester, and a questioner. It has sought, and perhaps fought for, freedom and independence. It may have been the conman who lived on his wits. It could just as easily have been a philanthropist or priest. Horses tend to feature strongly in past lives, as does transport.

Moon in Capricorn

The judge, entrepreneur, the priest, and the solid, law-abiding citizen are part of this moon signs history. Success in business is common, as is taking up an inherited position, duty and power have a strong Capricorn influence in their lives.

Moon in Aquarius

Revolutionary, world-changing, freedom-loving , and non-conformist, making a difference in the past. This is the natural scientist and inventor. Humanitarian, have had strong views on the rights of the individual and where society should be going. May have been the outcast. Always  the rebel.

Moon in Pisces

You yearned for union with the divine, so religious lives are common, as is martyrdom, mysticism, and psychic vision. This is the poet and the artist, the fisherman and the sailor. The healer. Institutionalized, isolated and feelings of being alone. 

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