The Sacred Secret

Im a sceptic of  Catholicism, being raised a Roman Catholic. Howard I find this very intriguing and interesting! In evolve step moons sign and your Sun sign. Sign up for my Newsletters to know what where the moon is in by week.

The Sacred Secret [w/ Video]

“The ancient sacred knowledge has to do with astrology and how KNOWING astrology can SAVE you. It is not some rubbish pseudoscience. “Astrology” is an innocent term. “Astro” means the stars and “logy” is ‘the science of.’ Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci knew of these secrets.

Twelve times out of the year, or once a month, there is a secretion from your cerebrum when the moon is in the sun sign that you were born under. I happen to be an Aquarius and have an Aquarius sun sign. To find out when the Moon is in your sun sign click here”

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